Suck UK Cork Globe with Pins, Globes of Earth for Home Office Accessories, Cork Globe of the World, Desk Decor for Home Office, Globe For Kids, World Map & Travel Journal, Black Large

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Suck UK Cork Globe with Pins, Globes of Earth for Home Office Accessories, Cork Globe of the World, Desk Decor for Home Office, Globe For Kids, World Map & Travel Journal, Black Large

Suck UK Cork Globe with Pins, Globes of Earth for Home Office Accessories, Cork Globe of the World, Desk Decor for Home Office, Globe For Kids, World Map & Travel Journal, Black Large

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Juicy, generous and fun in a luscious way that can benefit mid range too, since yes their a bit of compromise due to lower mid range lift which the dynamic driver deal with too, to add cream to the Global cake. As the only larger 8 wire cable in this comparison, Martini delivers the substantially boosted dynamics, improved bass and wider & deeper stage dimensions you'd expect from such a weighty cable. The sole reason why we spend our hard earned cash is so we hear the best renditions of our favorites and here the Globe has all the hallmarks of what makes a Penon made earphone unique and engaging for the serious music listener. Treble is more than adequate on the Globes and there isn't an excessive amount of sparkle if you happen to be treble sensitive. However upper treble isn't quite as abundant as you may find on more expensive earphones, and this is where the EST drivers in physically-larger hybrids often do the heavy lifting.

Again, while this is by no means an analytical IEM, nevertheless it clearly has the considerable technical chops needed to pull off Penon’s ambitious tonal goal of achieving warmth and richness without sacrificing detail or clarity. The TriFi's are not able to recreate the music as well as the Globe's and everything is smaller and more congested on them. The darkness of the JHs contributes to a smaller, more intimate soundstage. The soundstage is notably wider with the Globe, which is unexpected since it's not as crisp and deep as the Fan2. So, the imaging is notably superior with Fan2, due to sharper instruments definition and separation, as well as thinner more transparent mids timbre. Instruments are captured well top to bottom with harmonic detail and good note weight and tactility. I’ve included this quote as it will help get my following points across. My personal nonsense will arrive with enhanced clarity, and for his knowledge I am grateful!So, let's try to be less of a fan boi even if again....I love those, which are the logical upgrade to the ISN H40. It is true that the shape is no different from other Penon models, but what does it matter when the result is excellent. The Globe has a semi-custum shape and its medical grade resin construction ensures a very good fit and stellar ergonomics. Their very light weight and smooth surface, as well as the adapted shape of the inner side, provide a huge comfort that will last for hours. The body is still stubby, but the outer face is not very large, so the medium size also facilitates both fit and ergonomics. I do prefer pairing the Globes with copper cables, which seem to provide that extra bit of midbass punch needed to flesh out their presentation. Penon Audio, one of the well-known audio retailer based on Hong Kong, also known as retailer that brings “unknown” brand to international market. So, while i would say their more quantity than quality, i can't overseen the flexibility of it's extension which make cello sound fully bodied and lush in tone, as well as offering this extremely appealing rumble that make soul, R&B, rap, house and not too complex EDM.

Additional IEM Comparisons​Not content with comparing the Globes to earphones close to hand, I paid a visit to Addicted to Audio in Melbourne with the intent of testing them against popular IEMs with similar prices. Perhaps the downside is bass can occasionally feel a touch pillowy and thus greater slam & texture would be desirable, which perhaps marks the Globes as capable all-rounders rather than basshead specialists like the ISN EST50s.In the midrange the physicality and body feel of the Globes distances a fuller range, being, comparatively, a bit easier on the ORBs. The mids are very good on the ORBs, but when compared to the Globes and their less neutral and passionate tuning, the differences are obvious. It is at this point that the informative and descriptive level provided by a range-specific driver comes to the fore. The same translates to the high end, but in an even more pronounced way. While the work of the full-range BA driver is very good, it is not up to the level of a specialised mid and treble driver, however appropriate the tuning. And that's the difference, in this case, more drivers, more sound, more richness, more information, more extension, more density, better musicality and musical complexity. Bold, rich, smooth, dynamic, full bodied and euphoric is a good sound descriptor of the Globes sound. There are certainly other in ears that do detail with speedier transients and better timbral accuracy to a greater extent, however the trade off is one of the most engaging roomy sounds you will hear for earphones. A bit unique to the imaging of the Globes is that due to its larger dimensional sound presentation you get imaging that can float in mid air from the far left to the far right, behind or forward in space that seems outside of the headspace. That my friends is musical immersion. Signature: The Globe is quite difficult to pigeonhole in terms of a standard sound signature. I consider it to have a clearly mid-centric tuning, although the bass is undoubtedly boosted and the treble also is not exactly shy. It could possibly be called a warm mild U-shape, though the bass is definitely favored more than the treble. By alphabetic and linguistic contortion it might perhaps be most accurately called a warm reverse mild J-shape. Treating the central range as an independent band, we can highlight its balance, there are no valleys or big peaks, everything is smoothed and moves in a few dB range. Thus, it is a full band, present, very well balanced and complex. There is no sibilance or extremes, which improves the balance of the range despite its very special colour.

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