Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories

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Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories

Shiver: Junji Ito Selected Stories

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Our collection of horror and mayhem begins on a lighter tale, probably the lightest tale here, “Used Records.” A young woman named Nakayama is utterly entranced by this mysterious record a friend of hers, Ogawa, has. The singer’s voice and the melody of it is just so enrapturing and moving that she wants the record badly. However, there’s more to this album than meets the eye and it’s one that leads her down a supernatural, uncomfortable route. The story centers around two hospital patients suffering from seemingly psychological maladies. The first, Mami, is a young woman whose unidentified illness fills her every waking moment with the dread of death. The other patient, Mukoda, claims his dreams elongate each night, as he feels days and months slipping by from just a normal night’s rest. It tells the story of a private girls’ school, lorded over by a principal and his wife, a woman who believes herself the Virgin Mary reincarnate.

In these stories giant faces of real people appear in the sky with nooses dangling from them, and they then try to find and hang the person whose face they have. Or people get a disease where you get holes all over. I haven’t talked about this much so far but it’s Ito’s ability to draw the human form in distorted, monstrous, broken ways that really makes him stand tall as a master of horror. Put simply, Junji Ito’s Cat Diary is a short book about Ito’s very real personal experience with becoming the sudden owner of two cats: Yon and Mu. I also love how we get Ito’s own commentary after each story, along with notes and preliminary sketches. Seeing some of the groundwork helps me to appreciate these stories all the more.The reason for this is revealed in the story’s twisted, climactic ending and it is a doozy that sends shivers down your spine. Shiver (from Slug Girl, なめくじの少女 Namekuji no Shoujo), a story about a cursed jade stone that causes holes to open up all over a person's body if they're around it. The Long Dream” involves a man who insists that his dreams can last a year or longer, and he desperately seeks help from doctors. This town is affected by a curse involving the symbol of a spiral. It’s a story that plays on the impact that symbols have in both modern and ancient societies, especially in Japan. Ito is a fiction writer, first and foremost, so having something that is personal nonfiction feels delightfully special and intimate.

However, in spite of that, Honoured Ancestors still stands tall as one of Ito’s coolest concepts for a horror manga short story. Each story has something different to offer. “The Long Dream” is quite haunting, “Used Record” is chilling and gruesome, and “Honored Ancestors” takes an unusual twist. The artwork is superb — detailed and moody, using such fine ink lines to create such disturbing imagery. Fashion Model” is a story about a screenwriter who is deeply disturbed by a woman who doesn’t reach his bare minimum beauty standard.


The planet Remina is an entirely unknown entity; it seems to be alive, conscious, devouring planets and everything else on its way to Earth. Marionette Mansion: quien controla los hilos en realidad? Que pasa cuando alguien deja de tener autonomia? Sinceramente me aburri. 2/5 The way Ito draws himself, his wife, and the cats makes them all seem like characters in a horror story. And yet, nothing frightening is happening.

When the titular fashion model turns up to a day of filming, our protagonist is immediately frightened. This is a collection of short stories that were originally created in the mid 1990s. These include: Both of these horror legends share an uncanny approach to the impossible, the unknowable, the otherworldly. To a large extent this is easy stuff – we can all come up with strange or horrible ideas from dreams - I dreamed I was the last chocolate in a box and a huge hand was trying to find me and eat me; I dreamed when I went into a department store in town all the store assistants started unzipping their clothing to reveal a smaller store assistant inside; but Junji Ito’s artwork makes it nearly worthwhile ploughing through the daftness. Esta antologia incluye diez relatos, el body horror esta muy presente, al igual que el gore y una ambientacion espeluznante. Una antologia con un nivel medio, algunas ilustraciones son realmente demasiado graficas para mi gusto personal.The story follows a teenage girl who is brought home to meet her potential boyfriend’s dad. Prior to doing this, she has been haunted by dreams of a giant caterpillar. Welcome to another installment of 31 Days of Halloween! This is our chance to set the mood for the spookiest and scariest month of the year as we focus our attention on horror and Halloween fun. For the month of October we’ll be sharing various pieces of underappreciated scary books, comics, movies, and television to help keep you terrified and entertained all the way up to Halloween. The stories are comics horror, so you get to see it, not just read about it, obviously. So let's say you like Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination, a creative witch’s brew of scares? Well, Ito is in Poe's club, and maybe Lovecraft's (because of the monsters and weird creatures, mainly). Ito gives us stories culled from over thirty years of work, all emanating from strange images and dreams that evolved into stories. Some images/stories are gross, some are disturbing, as is appropriate to the genre, but many of them give you what the title promises: Shivers. Includes “Marionette Mansion," about stories of nightmare marionettes, “Painter,” about a painter who is driven insane painting Tomie, a beautiful femme fatale (wait: is that redundant? Is it possible to have an unattractive femme fatale leading men to destruction?) that became a focus of Ito for many years, collected in separate volumes; “Grease” features a family that is made greasy through compulsive drinking of salad oil (I know, yuk! That was the grossest one for me). In Sensor‘s first chapter, Kyoko Byakuya finds herself at the foot of Mount Sengoku, amidst the gentle falling of golden volcanic hair.

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