The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection

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The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection

The Mystery of History, Volume I Quarter 1: Creation to the Resurrection

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We believe that the Holy Bible was written by men divinely inspired, and is a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction; that it has God for its author, salvation for its end, and truth without any mixture of error for its matter; that it reveals the principles by which God will judge us; and therefore is, and shall remain to the end of the world, the true center of Christian union, and the supreme standard by which all human conduct, creeds, and opinions should be tried. In contrast, SOTW does not present itself as a Christian worldview history course. Susan Wise Bauer does include biblical stories, but doesn’t present them in an authoritative way or as the main focus of her telling of history. Why you should use Mystery of History

I have found it helpful to study history chronologically, especially for me and my older children. It has allowed us to see the cause and effects of different events throughout history. We have seen how events, ideas and beliefs have shaped the men, women and events that have come later. The Mystery of History follows this chronological approach to history and has made it easier for me and my older children to understand God’s marvelous story. Engaging StoriesIn Volume 2, the textbook has 84 lessons spread out over 28 weeks in addition to the activities, quizzes, exercises, pre-tests, and tests (in the first edition).

In the second volume, the biblical chronology concludes after the first few weeks of the course. There are 28 weeks' worth of lessons. This is fewer lessons than in Volume I, but each lesson has more content.

Customer reviews

Hobar’s selection and presentation of topics are fascinating.Given the huge time period she covers in Volume II, she does a great job of pulling out key people and events so students get the big picture. For example, topics for the second and third weeks of the course are Nero, Martyrs of the Early Church, Josephus, Masada, The Dead Sea Scrolls, and The Buried City of Pompeii.While the primary emphasis is on the development of western civilization, there are quite a few lessons on Japan, China, Iceland, New Zealand (focusing on the Maori), Africa (focused on the city Great Zimbabwe), the Aztecs, and the Inkas. If you are teaching several different ages at once Mystery of History (or Sonlight) is an excellent choice. My favorite time of the homeschool day was when we learned together as a family. History was the easiest to combine ages. MOH companion guides make it simple. Read together and do the age level activities for each child or make the activities a group project. I enjoyed learning along with my children and I know you will too with Mystery of History. Plus, it was created to be used by large families with children spanning from 1st grade through high school. This means that you’ll find extra research activities for older siblings and plenty of hands-on projects for younger kids. Drive Thru History videos: These are fun and fast-paced and my kids really enjoy them. I found a chart where someone planned out which series/video to watch with different lessons.

Thousands of lichen-covered stone jars from the Iron Age, some standing close to 10 feet tall and weighing several tons, dot the mountainous landscape of northern Laos. Carved largely from sandstone and found in groups ranging from just one to 400, legend holds that giants used them as wine glasses. Many archeologists, on the other hand, believe they served as funerary urns, though much remains unknown about their purpose, about how they were moved into place, and about the civilization that produced them. Recent research dates at least some of the stone jars to as early as 1240 B.C., which would make them far older than the human remains buried nearby. Complicating matters is that many of the jars stand in fields of unexploded munitions, the vestige of a massive U.S. bombing campaign during the Vietnam War, and therefore cannot be safely studied. 3. Guanabara BayWeek 35: Lessons 103-105: Jesus Christ: His Birth, Jesus: His Teaching and Miracles, and Tiberius Caesar, Pilate, and Herod Volume 2 Timeline Figures – You’ll find historical figures such as Saint Paul, Charles Martel, and Genghis Khan that coordinate with the second volume of The Mystery of History series. SOTW books are divided into chapters instead of lessons. In Volume 1, there are 42 chapters, each with a specific focus. For example, here are some of the Ancient Times chapter titles: Some of the games & more include paper dolls to correspond to the historical time period and multiple versions of Go Fish (Ancient, Medieval, Constitution, American History). Bible/Apologetics: As we learn any history lesson from the Bible, we read as much of it as possible straight from the scriptures. Additionally, kids 12 and up are going through the Creation Apologetics Master Class from Answers in Genesis. And it just so happens that my youngest kids are taking a similar course for children at church each Wednesday nights. The Bible Project videos are a fun extra for helping to review/understand each book of the Bible. I use the Child’s Story Bible by Catherine Vos for my youngest.

Then and Now Bible Maps is an amazing resource for showing how the names of the countries in the Middle East have changed over time. It has clear overlays with modern maps to lay over ancient maps. Really cool and very eye-opening for the kids! I will photocopy everything I need for the week from here. Mystery of History is set out so that three lessons are completed in a week. I intend to do the first on a Monday, the second on a Tuesday and the third on a Wednesday. Each Thursday we will spend the day doing the hands-on activities I have planned and Friday we will do the timeline, challenge cards and review exercises. This resource includes the pre-test, the ‘What did you miss?’ exercise, the maps required in each lesson, as well as extra activities, toys and books which would simply add a certain excitement to each lesson. The Mystery of History binder is dissimilar to most history files in that it is arranged chronologically by continent. The girls will have one each and will keep all their work, in addition to photographs of all their projects. Alongside this course, we are using as many ancient history and Bible oriented subjects as possible. I love how immersed we get in a subject, centering all of our learning around it.Barstensvol met buitengewone, vermakelijke en baanbrekende verhalen en personages: geïnspireerd door gisteren, vandaag geleefd, zet de toon voor morgen. HISTORY leeft! Mystery of History includes plenty of map work options, hands-on activities, timelines, quizzes, and other work to extend the learning for each lesson. All of this is optional. The main component is to read each lesson, only adding in the activities or work that you want to add. Some days all we did was read the lesson and add to our timeline. Other days we took more time to dig deeper. As the kids got older, they may have written a summary or done an oral narration of the lesson. However, there’s a wonderfully detailed discussion of each volume of The Mystery of History as well.

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