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Breath channels ( nāḍi) are mentioned in the classical Upanishads of Hinduism from the 1st millennium BCE, [23] [24] but not psychic-energy chakra theories.

Wenn dieses Chakra aus dem Gleichgewicht ist, fehlt es einem an Durchsetzungsfähigkeit, hat man Angst vor Erfolg oder ist im Gegenteil egoistisch. In some early Buddhist sources, these chakras are identified as: manipura (navel), anahata (heart), vishuddha (throat) and ushnisha kamala (crown). In contrast to White, according to Feuerstein, early Upanishads of Hinduism do mention chakras in the sense of "psychospiritual vortices", along with other terms found in tantra: prana or vayu (life energy) along with nadi (energy carrying arteries). Auf der anderen Seite wird angenommen, dass das bewusste Wahrnehmen und das Ausgleichen dieser Energiezentrenzu Wohlbefinden und guter Gesundheit führen. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit cakra, meaning “wheel,” alluding to the vortex of swirling energy believed to reside in each chakra’s location.

Chakra der Einheit und ziehe "elektrisch blaue Energie" zum Löschen von nichtliebevollen Gedanken in Dein System. The iconography popular in representing the Chakras, states the scholar David Gordon White, traces back to the five symbols of yajna, the Vedic fire altar: "square, circle, triangle, half moon and dumpling".

Das dritte Auge wird oft als Konzentrationspunkt während der Asanapraxis verwendet, um mehr Konzentration und Bewusstsein zu bekommen. Kundalini Yoga (7): In Kundalini Yoga, there are seven main chakras, but additional minor chakras are also recognized. Classical traditions [ edit ] In meditation, chakras are often visualised in different ways, such as a lotus flower, or a disc containing a particular deity. The chakras are thought to vitalise the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. As such, a basic understanding of chakras can have a deeply positive influence, both in terms of healing specific wounds and living a more optimal life.Emotional and physical disturbances in the body and mind are thought to stem from an under-active, overactive or blocked chakra, preventing a balanced flow of energy. A wide range of supposed correspondences such as with alchemical metals, astrological signs and planets, foods, herbs, gemstones, homeopathic remedies, Kabbalistic spheres, musical notes, totem animals, and Tarot cards have also been proposed. Chakra and related beliefs have been important to the esoteric traditions, but they are not directly related to mainstream yoga. While some traditions follow the seven main chakra system, others recognize additional chakras or a different number of chakras.

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