Disabled Toothbrush Handle Easy Hold Grip Tool Foam Sleeve Dental Tooth Teeth Cleaner Comfort Dexterity Aid

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Disabled Toothbrush Handle Easy Hold Grip Tool Foam Sleeve Dental Tooth Teeth Cleaner Comfort Dexterity Aid

Disabled Toothbrush Handle Easy Hold Grip Tool Foam Sleeve Dental Tooth Teeth Cleaner Comfort Dexterity Aid

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The gripping elements completely encase the toothbrush handle in such a way that wherever the user wants to hold, there is gripping element present.

The method includes comprising providing bumps or studs covering 360 degrees of the surface of the grip handle. The problem with the plastic foam gripping device is that plastic foam tends to absorb moisture, therefore, by its very nature, is unsanitary. Toothbrushes can either have a wider handle added or can come with a widened handle in place to make gripping easier. Non-slip Design]: Our non-slip material stay securely in place and won't easily slide once installed; Foam has been tested to minimize absorption of odors from hands or food and can be easily washed.

the brittle tips can stay in constant contact with the teeth surfaces, slip between teeth and access gum sulcus with minimal effort. the LED has been developed toward producing colorful lights and high brightness in recent years, so that the LED is further applied as a back light source of a small-sized display to become a stream of illumination light sources with low power consumption and low contamination. The method includes comprising forming continuous line extrusions or continuous concave depressions covering 360 degrees of the surface of the grip handle.

The toothbrush has a narrow neck 12 that widens on a toothbrush head 10 to support toothbrush bristles 12- 14. It can help to give better control and enable the user to clean more effectively if they have specific problems in gripping more slender handles. Such slippage can cause severe pain in certain cases, and may lead to inadequate brushing of the teeth. Brushing teeth and gum pockets properly using a toothbrush also help with halitosis (bad breath) and having a naturally white set of teeth without the need for teeth whitening procedures which can cause teeth sensitivity and gum irritation.The light can be positioned around the top part of the toothbrush handle and/or along the neck of the toothbrush with the purpose of illuminating (giving the user a better vision of the area where he/she is flossing or cleaning). Dental plaque is a colorless or pale yellow layer of bacteria that colonizes the surface of all teeth and in gingival pockets.

brushing when holding the toothbrush as holding a pencil will not crush the tips of the toothbrush bristles or bending them backward as much as holding the toothbrush in the fist. Clean between your teeth every day – before brushing – that way the toothpaste gets onto the surfaces your toothbrush can’t reach. the toothbrush is held in user's pencil grip or dental cleaning instrument grip with the butt of the handle pointing downward (writing with the eraser end of a pencil) and bristles facing away from the user face. the toothbrush includes a cylindrical handle with gripping portions such as bumps or recesses around the cylindrical handle that help the user with keeping a grip on their toothbrush.The handle can be held as though it is a pencil or a chopstick or dental instruments and thus provides fine-grain brushing motion to clean hard to reach surfaces. Current methods of tooth brushings and tooth handle designs require users to hold the toothbrush handles in the users' first and navigate around each tooth or angle bristles against teeth surfaces by bending the users wrists lifting users arms, and other convoluted moves that make it extremely difficult if not impossible for the users to access all teeth surfaces and gum pockets of all teeth. Dental plaque when allowed to accumulate on tooth surfaces, can eventually lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, caries and calculus. It would be nice if they were available in single color options also because we ended up using the blue on many kitchen utensils, oven and refrigerator handles and cleaning brushes, etc.

This selective staining efficacy must be coupled with easy removability from the mouth by simply washing or rinsing after use, i. Please always read the labels, warnings, and directions provided with the product before using or consuming a product. An ergonomic toothbrush handle with a 360 degree secure grip and the user's pencil grip tooth brushing technique similar to the grip that of dentists and dental hygienists are using will help promoting the bristles to get between teeth and under gingival pockets, prevent damage to the gum (gum recession), minimizing tooth abrasion and effectively and easily removing food debris and dental plaque on teeth and under gingival pockets. the user can put his or her fingers on the handle 20 while holding them about two-thirds of the way from the bottom of the handle 20 . In another implementation, continuous concave depressions can be provided on the surface of the grip handle.People with arthritis will find adding foam tubing to small handle items make them more comfortable for gripping. the shaft 7 is shown as being fabricated with a curvature that generally approximates the curvature line of teeth in a human jaw bone.

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