API Aquarium Antibacterial Remedy, Blue, 237 ml (Pack of 1)

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API Aquarium Antibacterial Remedy, Blue, 237 ml (Pack of 1)

API Aquarium Antibacterial Remedy, Blue, 237 ml (Pack of 1)

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API® MARINE MELAFIX fish remedy is a safe, natural fish remedy which should be used to treat bacterial infections in saltwater fish and corals. API PIMAFIX fish remedy will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter pH, or discolor water, and has been formulated to use in conjunction with MELAFIX™ fish remedy to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases. The product is on the list of approved treatments for fish during mandatory quarantine after being imported to Australia.

Yes, using Melafix and Pimafix together is perfectly safe and is in fact recommended if treating stubborn infections. Melafix is used by hobby fishkeepers to treat and prevent bacterial fish disease, including fin rot and cottonmouth disease. Use daily for a week when treating infections and for three days as a preventative when adding new fish. Another study the same year tested its efficacy against the common guppy parasite, Gyrodactylus turnbulli.If an infected fish is introduced into a new aquarium there is a high risk of contaminating the other fish.

Our Barnabys product range is shipped via a third party and is usually handled by DPD on a free next day service, again this cannot be guaranteed and can take a few days to be processed. If you are treating fish in a marine or saltwater aquarium, dose with API MARINE MELAFIX fish remedy. It is important to test your aquarium water weekly to verify good quality in addition to a bi-weekly partial water change of no more than 25% to help reduce toxic buildup, remove debris the filter missed, and replenish the oxygen available to fish.Pond Melafix provides an antibacterial remedy for koi and goldfish bacterial infections, including open wounds, ulcers and abrasions, fin and tail rot, cloudy eye, mouth 'fungus' - and also promotes regrowth of damaged fin rays and tissue. An in vivo experiment found Melafix highly effective against the parasite when used in combination with another product from the company, Pimafix. a b Rácz, Anita; Allan, Brooke; Dwyer, Toni; Thambithurai, Davide; Crespel, Amélie; Killen, Shaun S.

API® PIMAFIX™ fish remedy rapidly treats fungal infections, as well as internal and external bacterial infections, and provides a broad-spectrum treatment that prevents pathogens from developing resistance. Please note that Aquatix-2u Ltd cannot accept responsibility or liability for issues arising from late or damaged deliveries that are a result of circumstances beyond our control. POND MELAFIX fish remedy is safe for snails and other invertebrates, and will not harm aquatic plants, affect pH, or adversely affect your pond’s natural biological filter. MELAFIX fish remedy contains the natural active ingredient Melaleuca, or tea tree extract, to treat bacterial fish disease, and also aids in repairing damaged tissues and fins from handling and netting.BETTA FLAKES ALGAE SCRAPER FOR ACRYLIC AQUARIUMS Receive exclusive tips, updates and offers by signing up for the API® brand newsletter! Common bacterial infections are open wounds and abrasions, tail rot, eye cloud, and mouth fungus Want more info? It may be prudent to turn the skimmer pump flow down when it is restarted after treatment, to account for fish remedy residues until they clear from the system.

Opens in new window Recommended Products ALGAE EATER WAFERS GOLDFISH AQUARIUM CLEANER ALGAE SCRAPER FOR GLASS AQUARIUMS CO2 BOOSTER™ Receive exclusive tips, updates and offers by signing up for the API® brand newsletter! For disease or damaged fish dose at 5ml per 38L, dose daily for 7 days then after 7 days make a 25% water change. As a general note, all API fish remedies can be used in conjunction with each other safely, as long as you are able to follow the directions for both during treatment. MELAFIX fish remedy is safe for use with even delicate fish species, and will not color aquarium water, harm aquatic plants, stain ornaments, or alter pH.It can also be used in conjunction with other API fish remedies, such as API Primafix which is used to treat internal infections and fungus conditions in fish. The locations affected include but are not limited to Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands and island locations such as Isle of Man.

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